Innovation Support from the Chamber of Drama.

Lab40 Accelerator is the business accelerator of the Chamber of Drama that is addressed to those who have a fresh business idea or reasoning and are in one of the following indicative stages:

  1. Forming an initial business idea and team,
  2. Business plan development,
  3. Design and production of an original product / service,
  4. Test the product with users outside the group.

The role of Lab40 Accelerator is to help a business team to reach in a short time, a sufficient level, in order to claim the implementation of the idea-solution that it offers with better possibilities but also chances of success.

The Lab40 Accelerator will be completed through four acceleration cycles within 2 years and is aimed at emerging teams that will be supported in distinct processes. The overall program aims to accelerate desperate teams with innovative or competitive business solutions, offering both theoretical and project support through master classes and mentoring that follows international practices.

Each acceleration cycle will last approximately 3 months, concluding with startup presentations during the Demo Day, where acceleration graduates present their plan in front of judges, such as entrepreneurs, financiers and market executives. Joining each cycle is done through an application with a parallel submission of the plan for acceleration, as well as a follow-up interview. In each cycle there is a limit to the total number of startups that will be introduced.

Acceleration procedures can be offered at the incubator facility on a weekly basis, both for life, taking the necessary measures to protect health, and remotely. At the end of the acceleration program, services will be offered to the finalists of incubation at the facilities of Lab40 INCUBATOR in Drama.

The Chamber of Drama is familiar with the acceleration procedures having successfully hosted and implemented in 2006 the Technogenesis entrepreneurship program as well as in 2014 the Stage-One acceleration program that took place for the first time in a non-metropolitan area of ​​Greece. Lab40 Accelerator and Lab40 INCUBATOR are the natural evolution of experiences and a vision that is now becoming a reality that offers significant opportunities for cultivating a decentralized, cross-border entrepreneurial ecosystem.

The project is funded by the European Social Fund and the Public Investment Program, through the Operation "Creation of ECB Entrepreneurship Support Structures", the Operational Program "Eastern Macedonia Thrace 2014-2020".

You can find out more about the program and its application process at +30 2521 022392 -

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