About the

The start-ups acceleration program Lab40 Accelerator is looking for ambitious and innovative start-ups from existing companies, or potential entrepreneurs, with the aim of establishing start-ups dedicated to their goal, which will have the opportunity to develop or improve their business thinking through a process that will reduce the time for successful market launch or error recognition, prevent a future failure and aid in possible exponential growth.

Lab40's work begins with the implementation of the Lab40 Βusiness Accelerator aimed at start-up teams that have a rudimentary business idea or concept and are at some stage of designing and producing a prototype product / service.

Lab40 Accelerator will be implemented in four 6-month cycles where startups and SMEs will alternate and will provide mentoring as well as masterclasses. Joining each circle is done through an application with a parallel submission of the relevant business idea for acceleration and the following interview. In each cycle there is a limit to the number of new groups that will be introduced. The conclusion of each cycle will be the DEMO DAY, ie presentations of the young teams in front of judges such as businessmen, financiers and market executives. The finalists will be able to claim, among other things, their free 12-month hosting in the Lab40 incubator.